XY-coordinate Database, Big Data, Cloud Computing



XYDB (Cloud Database)

In the actual software implementation, because the user does not Oracle, SQL Server and other database installation, configuration, upgrade, manage and maintain the software can not run often lead. The XYDB provide a more simple, use intelligent, fool, idealized, to solve the above problems.


XYDB can be built into the TML language file format developed software, can use the URL to directly access and read. Programmers can use the Web or by using a small green client software to perform common SQL to manage and develop it. It can self- identify or infer the field type of error can be resolved, so that users do not feel it's there, but the developer can always improve it.


Data Shield

XYDB two-dimensional table to the Cartesian coordinate system, the X -axis and Y -axis to locate the data lines is an integer. Elimination of traditional moot database field names and line numbers, using (x, y) in the TML language access. But also by a group mapping library, (x, y) can be mapped onto the screen coordinates can also be (x, y) is mapped to print the report.

Data Bility

XYDB provides a new (x, y) algorithm library, using geometric formulas to replace a step by step where, if and for algorithms get faster operation results. And the XY coordinate system of three logical quadrants more freely and more metadata stored in an auxiliary set of variables to solve many of the traditional database bottlenecks. Because it comes from analytic geometry, linear algebra and set theory XY Cartesian coordinate system, so called XY database.